Bylaws and Rules

A successful member vote on the Bylaws and Rules of Professional Conduct helped finalize unification.

Over the last few years, a great deal has been accomplished towards finalizing unification, including the passage of the CPA Act in December 2014 and approving in principle the CPA Alberta Regulation with a positive member vote in March 2015. The member vote on the Bylaws and Rules of Professional Conduct was the final step asked of members before unification was completed and proclamation of the CPA Act was obtained on July 1, 2015. Through this long journey, we thank members for participating and playing an active role in this vital, step of unification.

Members of the legacy accounting bodies — CAs, CGAs, and CMAs — were encouraged to cast ballots to ratify the CPA Alberta Rules of Professional Conduct and the CPA Alberta Bylaws in a vote taking place from May 8-29, 2015. A simple majority (50% + 1) of positive ballots in each vote was required for ratification.

A positive and engaged vote secured unification in a timely manner, and signal to the government that members are excited for unification and eager to use their CPA designation.

What are the Bylaws and Rules?
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