2023 CPA Alberta AGM

CPA Alberta 2023 Annual General Meeting

The CPA Alberta Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held virtually on Thursday, September 7 from 8:00 to 9:00 am. The agenda included:

  • An update from CEO Rachel Miller FCPA, FCA
  • A report from the Audit and Risk Committee
  • Remarks from outgoing CPA Alberta Board Chair Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA
  • Introduction of and comments from incoming CPA Alberta Board Chair Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMA

CPA Alberta AGM 2023 recording





 Welcome/Call to order  Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA  08:00am
 Remarks from the CEO  Rachel Miller FCPA, FCA  08:10am

 Report from Audit and Risk Committee

  • CPA Alberta Financial Report and Presentation of Annual Report
  • Appointment of Auditor
 Michelle Balmer CPA, CA
 Report of Chief Scrutineer

 Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA

 (provided by Naylene Fries CPA, CA)

 Approval of Prior Year’s Minutes  Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA
 Remarks from the Chair
 Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA  08:32am
 Introduction of and Comments from Incoming Chair  Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMA  08:37am
 Other Business/Comments and Questions from Floor  All  08:40am
 Adjournment  Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMA  08:45am

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