September 2023 CFE Results

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September 2023 CFE Results

Congratulations to the 427 successful Alberta-based candidates of the September 2023 Common Final Examination (CFE)!

Click below to watch a video listing the successful candidates of the September 2023 CFE.

CPA Alberta September 2023 CFE Results

Congratulations from CPA Alberta

Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMAOn behalf of CPA Alberta and over 30,000 Alberta CPAs, I am thrilled to extend a heartfelt congratulations to each of you on passing the Common Final Examination. This achievement is not only a testament to your dedication and hard work but also marks the exciting beginning of a new phase of your professional journey, rich with possibilities.

I’m sure your road to this day has been hard won—filled with long hours, demanding assignments and examinations, and countless other challenges. However, your dedication, skills, perseverance, and knowledge have allowed you to cross this finish line! Your success clearly demonstrates you are ready to join the profession and embrace a rewarding career full of diverse opportunities and notable accomplishments.

As you embark on your professional career, remember that the value of this journey lies not only in the destination but also in the path taken. I encourage you to embrace every opportunity with the same enthusiasm and commitment that have brought you this far. Your unique skills, experiences, and perspectives are invaluable, and you are poised to impact our profession and the broader community significantly. I look forward to the innovative and meaningful contributions you are sure to make, and the inspiring stories you will create.

Congratulations once again on this momentous milestone. I look forward to congratulating you in person at the upcoming CPA Alberta Convocation events!


CPA Alberta Board Chair

CFE National Honour Roll

Candidates across the country whose writing of the common final examination (CFE) is deemed exceptional are named to the National Honour Roll. The following Alberta-based candidates earned a spot on the National Honour Roll and will also receive the Winspear Medal of Excellence and a cash award, presented by the CPA Education Foundation, to commemorate this extraordinary achievement.


A circular headshot of Jarden Boras

Senior Accountant, Taxation Services; MNP LLP

"When I first received the news that I passed the September 2023 CFE, I felt a sense of relief and excitement that I had passed and all of my hard work had paid off. Placing on the Honour Roll was completely unexpected. I was so surprised that I asked the CPA Alberta representative who called me ‘Is this real?’.

I am extremely honoured, grateful, and proud to be placed on the Honour Roll. I would like to thank my incredible wife, family, friends, colleagues, and CPA mentor for their support along the way. This achievement would not have been possible without their support and encouragement. Their guidance, mentorship, and belief in me have been essential in helping me reach this accomplishment. I am excited to see what the future holds for me."

A circular headshot of Brendan Carlson

Staff Accountant, Romanovsky & Associates LLP

“I was surprised when I got the news I made the Honour Roll. It was unexpected as I had definitely felt very challenged by the CFE. I felt very proud that my hard work and perseverance in the past two years had helped me to achieve such a great result.
I also felt very thankful for all the people who had helped me in my journey through the CPA program.

I want to thank the partners, managers, and my co-workers at Romanovsky & Associates LLP who supported me and always provided advice and guidance when I needed it. I’d also like to thank the many friends and family who have encouraged me and reminded me to live life outside of school and work.

I’d especially like to thank my parents, who have been my biggest supporters. Your words of encouragement meant a lot to me, especially in the moments where I was doubting myself.”

A circular headshot of Alice Han

Senior Accountant, E&Y LLP

“I’m extremely honoured and surprised to be included on the Honour Roll. I am deeply grateful for the support I have received throughout my journey, from my colleagues who studied and commiserated with me every day to my mentors who provided invaluable technical and emotional guidance.

I am extremely grateful to my friends, family, and loved ones who provided unwavering support to me not only during my preparation for CFE but also throughout my entire CPA journey. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and for the meaningful connections forged along the way.”

A circular headshot of Lauren Saly

Senior Associate, RSM LLP

“When I received the call that I was selected for the Honour Roll, I was incredulous. I was so shocked by the news I didn’t believe it until I received another phone call the next day validating the news where I confirmed multiple times if this was real. It took a few days to process and once it settled in, I was beyond thrilled. It reinforced the time and effort I put into studying for the exam and that all the hard work and sacrifices that I made throughout this journey had paid off in the end.

I would like to thank the entire RSM team for the unstinting support throughout the CPA process. The additional programs and training RSM created for me and my colleagues played a crucial part in my ability to succeed on the CFE. RSM's support system empowered me to gain the necessary knowledge and confidence leading up to the CFE.”

Celebrating your achievement

CPA Alberta has two opportunities to recognize and celebrate the achievements of this year’s successful CFE writers. These events will commemorate successful writers of both the May and September 2023 CFE writings.

CPA Alberta Convocations

CPA Alberta's Convocation celebrations are comprised of two distinct and memorable activities:

  1. The Convocation Ceremony
    A formal event to honor the achievements of our graduates. Successful CFE writers—our graduates—will cross the stage and be formally welcomed to the profession.

  2. The Convocation Dinner & Dance
    A festive occasion to celebrate the success with dinner and dancing.

These events are scheduled for January 2024 and will take place in both Calgary and Edmonton.

Please note, the registration deadline for Convocation is December 15, 2023. We encourage all successful candidates to register by this date to ensure their participation in this special celebration.

CPA Alberta Convocation

CPA Alberta CFE Celebrations

The CPA Alberta CFE Celebration events were held on December 1 in Edmonton and December 6 in Calgary.

To view images from these events, please visit:

2023 CFE Celebrations Images

Congratulations from CPA Western School of Business

Yuen IpAs the CEO of CPA Western School of Business, I am delighted to celebrate your significant achievement in completing the CPA Professional Education Program and conquering the Common Final Examination. Your journey to becoming a CPA is a testament to your dedication and resilience.

Looking ahead, your focus will naturally shift towards fulfilling your practical experience requirements and applying for membership with a provincial CPA body. As you transition from candidates to full-fledged members of this esteemed profession, remember that the School and provincial teams are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

The strength of our CPA certification program lies in our community. I extend a heartfelt invitation for you to consider mentoring and guiding future CPA aspirants. Your insights and expertise can profoundly impact their educational journey and the future of our profession. Soon, we will present exciting opportunities for you to join our team of facilitators and session leaders. This is your chance to give back and shape the next generation of CPAs.

For now, savor this achievement. Celebrate your hard-earned success and take pride in your accomplishments. You are not just graduates; you are beacons of inspiration for those who follow.

We eagerly anticipate your continued success in the accounting and finance world and are proud to have you as part of the CPA Western School of Business family.

Congratulations once again on reaching this significant milestone.

CEO, CPA Western School of Business 

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