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September 2021 CFE Results

Congratulations to all 586 successful Alberta-based writers of the September 2021 Common Final Examination (CFE)! CPA Alberta Convocation events for these successful writers will be held in spring 2022.

Click here to view a PDF listing or the video listing this year’s successful writers.

Congratulations from CPA Alberta

Successful writers, view a congratulatory message from CPA Alberta Board Chair Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA.

Congratulations to the successful CFE writers in Alberta!

CFE National Honour Roll

Congratulations to the following four Alberta-based writers whose exceptional performance on the CFE placed them on the National Honour Roll.

Perlye Chan HeadshotPerlye Chan
Business Analyst, PRIMED Medical Products, Inc.

“When I first received the news, my heart was beating so fast that I almost couldn't hear the phone over my own heartbeat. After the shock wore off, I was so happy and proud of my accomplishment.

I would like to thank my CFE coach, study buddy, my family, and my boyfriend for supporting me throughout the CPA program. They helped me get into the right mindset to study effectively and also helped me learn to manage my stress whenever I started feeling overwhelmed.”


Ryan Gobolos Headshot

Ryan Gobolos
Chief Financial Officer, Servus Credit Union

“I'm extremely honoured and humbled by this recognition from CPA Alberta and CPA Canada. I certainly couldn't have reached this achievement without the support of my colleagues and mentors at Servus Credit Union. Most importantly though, I'd like to thank my family for their tremendous support over the past few years. It wasn't an easy road and we sacrificed a lot of time together while I was going through the program. Hopefully, sharing this special accomplishment together makes up for some of those sacrifices in some small way.

Finally, I'd like to congratulate my fellow successful September 2021 CFE writers and National Honour Roll members. All our hard work and perseverance have paid off and now it's time to celebrate! I wish you all the best in your future professional endeavors.”


Teresa Goulding HeadshotTeresa Goulding
Tax Specialist/ Data Analyst, KPMG LLP

"I was so shocked when I heard I passed the CFE I thought I was dreaming. It is an incredible privilege to make the National Honour Roll. Thank you to my incredible family, friends, and boyfriend for continuously encouraging me. You mean the world to me."



Jessica Woolley Headshot

Jessica Wooley
Specialist, Canadian Corporate Tax, KPMG LLP

"Everyone always talks about what it feels like to hear that you’ve passed the CFE: The feeling of overwhelming relief and excitement that your hard work over the past two years has finally paid off, and the weight taken off of your shoulders after all of these months waiting for your results. I have to say that these people weren’t exaggerating in what they said, and finding out that I made the National Honour Roll only multiplied these emotions by tenfold.

I would like to thank my friends, family, and boyfriend for all of their support through my CPA journey, not only for being there to encourage and motivate me in my studies, but also being there when what I really needed was a break from the books. I couldn’t have done this without you all.”

Congratulations from CPA Western School of Business

View a congratulatory message from CPA Western School of Business CEO Yuen Ip CPA, CMA.

Congratulations to the successful CFE writers in Alberta!

CPA Alberta Convocation Celebrations for Successful Writers

The successful writers of the September 2021 CFE are planned to be formally celebrated at Convocation events in spring 2022 (Edmonton May 5 – 7 and Calgary June 9 – 11). More information and registration for these events will be available in early 2022.

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