Strategic Priorities

The CPA Alberta Board has endorsed a strategic plan that identifies five strategic priorities for the organization.



Strategic Priority #1: Protect the Public

CPA Alberta will continue to fulfill its mandate to protect the integrity of the profession, to promote and increase the competence of registrants and to regulate the conduct of registrants.


Strategic Priority #2: Understanding the Alberta Landscape

CPA Alberta will have a solid and broad comprehension of the forces shaping Alberta today and in the near future. With that comprehension, the profession can best ensure that it and its members remain relevant, valued and in fact essential to the province.


Strategic Priority #3: Dealing with Disruption

CPA Alberta will understand the impacts of disruption on the CPA profession, and implement strategies to respond positively to those impacts.


Strategic Priority #4: Achieving Smart Growth

CPA Alberta will gain an understanding of the emerging needs for CPAs in the marketplace and set growth strategies to meet these needs.


Strategic Priority #5: Maintaining Fiscal Accountability

CPA Alberta will maintain and demonstrate fiscal accountability.

Corporate Business Plan

CPA Alberta’s corporate business plan for 2021/22 outlines the corporate goals for the organization as well as achievements to-date in fulfilling the five strategic priorities. In addition, the plan addresses key challenges and opportunities for CPA Alberta in 2021/22.

2021/22 Corporate Business Plan

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