Strategic Priorities

The CPA Alberta 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan was endorsed by the CPA Alberta Board in early 2022. It takes into account the external forces, primary risks, and notable strengths that will likely impact the organization and the CPA profession in Alberta during this time period and beyond.

The plan centres on four strategic priorities. They are:

  • Protect the public:

    CPA Alberta will protect the public through the appropriate level of regulatory oversight.
  • Ensure a sustainable professional accounting ecosystem in Alberta:

    Through education, outreach, and branding, CPA Alberta will learn, adapt, and influence relevant societal issues that affect Alberta citizens’ and organizations’ economic well-being.
  • Fulfill market needs:

    CPA Alberta will meet the existing and emerging needs of the province for CPAs through the recruitment of new CPAs as well as the retention and ongoing development of existing CPAs.
  • Empower a responsible, accountable, and resilient organization:

    CPA Alberta will be responsible stewards of its resources, demonstrate fiscal accountability and resilience in our operations and embody workplace culture that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion

Four circles in a square formation connected by lines to illustrate CPA Alberta's strategic proirities
View the 2022-25 Strategic Plan and 2022/23 Corporate Business Plan

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