Professional Service Provider

Professional Service Provider (PSP) Registration Requirements

Under the Chartered Professional Accountants Act (CPA Act), any CPA Alberta member who provides any of the following services on behalf of a corporation whose primary business is not accounting (for example: a bank, a trust company, a financial planning firm or a wealth management firm) must register a PSP:

(i) accounting services;

(ii) forensic accounting, financial investigation or financial litigation support services;

(iii) advice about or interpretation of taxation matters;

(iv) preparation of a tax return or other statutory information filing, if the return or filing is prepared in conjunction with any service referred to in subclauses (i) to (iii)

Also, as per CPA Alberta Bylaw 1801, any CPA Alberta member who is only providing, or offering to provide, one or more of the following specified professional services to the public would be required to register a PSP:

(i) acting as a trustee in bankruptcy, a liquidator, a receiver, a receiver-manager or acting in any other aspect of insolvency practice; or

(ii) public practice as a business valuator.

Only those CPAs providing the prescribed services and not in a professional accounting firm (PAF) need to register as a professional service provider (PSP).

The CPA Alberta PSP Frequently Asked Questions  document provides some general information that would assist a CPA in learning more about PSP registration.

Please email CPA Alberta’s Corporate Registration team at to assist in determining eligibility for a PSP registration or to receive a copy of the PSP registration form.


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