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The CPA Alberta Tax Clinic Program runs from early March to mid-April. CPA Alberta will coordinate the recruitment and assignment of volunteers for your organization based on the estimated number of returns stated on the application form. Volunteers may have varying backgrounds and levels of experience in preparing returns, but all will have the knowledge and skills required to assist clients.

Registrations will be accepted next year starting October 2019
On behalf of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers and our clients, we thank you! This year was our biggest tax clinic in the last four years; you helped us complete and filed a total of 411 tax files in our three locations. A big thank you to Juanita for all the work she did with recruitment. Again, a heartfelt thank you from our agency, settlement and language teams, and our clients.
Rispah Tremblay Manager, Settlement Services - Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

Hosting a Tax Clinic

  • Tax Clinic Program runs from March 11 to April 18, 2019, Monday through Thursday evenings (typically held from 6pm - 9pm). Alternative dates and times are available if discussed prior to booking.
  • Each clinic will be a maximum of three hours in duration.
  • The program is appointment-based.
    • Appointments should be scheduled to allow 25 to 30 minutes per return.
    • Couples and families must be booked as two appointments or 50 to 60 minutes.

Organization Screen Guide

Community Partner Guide

Tax Clinic Org Checklist

Tax clinics are a community service designed to assist low-income Albertans complete their annual personal tax returns. This service is only open to those individuals whose total incomes fall into the following earnings categories and can be substantiated through official tax information slips:

Total income per household unit for taxpayer:

• With no dependant $30,000 or less
• With dependants $50,000 or less

Gross Earnings Guideline & Taxpayer Check List

Organization Checklist

Sample Organization Poster

General Income Tax Forms

Download Clinic Briefing Notes

Download Clinic Tracking Sheets

Download T1S60 Form

Useful CRA Phone Numbers

e-Service Helpdesk for individuals
Call this number when you cannot access My Account or Quick Access, or when you need help with NETFILE, TELEFILE, or Represent a client


Tax Information Phone Service (T.I.P.S.)
This automated phone service provides information to individuals and businesses 


Individual income tax enquiries
Tax information for individuals including personal income tax returns, instalments and RRSPs


GST/HST credit
GST/HST credit and related provincial and territorial programs


Payment arrangements
Discuss income tax payment arrangements with an agent

International tax and non-resident enquiries 1.855.284.5942

Mailing Address for CRA (Filing Paper Returns)

Canada Revenue Agency
Tax Centre
Post Office Box 14001, Station Main
Winnipeg MB R3C 3M3

Newcomers to Canada - First time filers must have their return filed and mailed to the International Tax Services Office at:

International Tax Services Office
PO Box 9769, Station T
Ottawa, ON K1G 3Y4

Alternative Volunteer Programs and Paid for Services

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP)

Edmonton’s Make Tax Time Pay (MTTP)

H&R Block

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