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Through the Tax Clinic Program, Alberta CPAs, candidates and students can volunteer to help low-income Albertans complete their tax returns free of charge. The clinics are held in Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding communities in co-operation with seniors' homes, community centres, and other not-for-profit agencies. Each year we hear many success stories from our volunteers and those we help.


I volunteered at a senior residence, and one patron was so happy that I did his return, answered all his questions and it did not cost him a thing! To show his gratitude, he bought me a soft drink. I thought that was sweet!
I met seniors, cancer patients, a visually impaired person, new Canadians, and people trying to find work. We help keep the assistance payments flowing for these people by completing their tax returns. These people were excellent to work with and really appreciated my help. CPA Alberta and Intuit provide excellent support to get the job done.
Karen Stix BCom, CPA, CMA
I thoroughly enjoy working at the tax clinics, whether it be newcomers, seniors, or low income individuals. I feel my time is very much appreciated and I look forward to returning year after year.
Volunteering was great. An older lady and I danced together!
Gord from the CNIB is the best organizer I have volunteered with. Dinner is provided and everything is set appointments and the schedule is well followed.
Another wonderful experience! I find the Bishop O’Byrne Clinics to be very well organized with so very many thankful seniors! I feel fortunate to give back in such a rewarding and meaningful way.
Deanna Shymkiw
Volunteering at the tax clinics is a great way to keep your skills up-to-date. I learned something at the training session that helped me save on my own taxes! All of the clinic attendees are so patient and grateful, it was a very rewarding experience.
Angela Gill
It was my second year as a volunteer at Crossroads Court. It's great to see familiar faces and like last year, it is priceless to spend the 3 hours volunteering, and I learned a wealth of knowledge from the clients.
The staff members at the Lakeside Legion Manor were extremely helpful and very organized. All appointments were set up, supplies were provided and they helped with printing the returns.
The tax clinics held at Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) are always well attended. Accounting students appreciate the exposure, and students appreciate the help filing their personal tax returns. A win-win for all involved. I will volunteer every year.
Abigail Head, CPA, CMA
It's a very rewarding experience to be able to help low income families. Especially to those in need.
It was nice working with some of the people from Syria.
It was a very rewarding experience; the clients were very grateful.
Taxes are so stressful for so many people. It's fantastic to see that stress relieved when you confirm that their taxes have been completed for the year.
Karen Miller
It was my first year for volunteering; I found all the tax payers/participants very thankful, happy and grateful. Very appreciative for the time we contributed.

One of the senior I helped kept thanking me that we came to their door step to do their taxes and on top of that FREE. She said I don't have words to say thank you!! That was a heart touching moment. I would definitely volunteer in the coming years if given a chance.
It is a great opportunity to put the CPA name out in the public. At the sessions I worked at for pregnant and parenting teens, I had a few questions about what it takes to be an accountant.
Clients really appreciate this free service. One woman started to cry, she was so grateful that she didn't have to pay. All of my clients said thank you and were very happy for the service.
Monica Yeats
Millican-Ogden Community Resource Centre had amazing and very caring staff and were respectful with the Tax Clinic volunteers. This program gives volunteers a greater appreciation for organizations like this.


A huge thank you to Juanita Caovilla at the CPA Alberta office for her help and ongoing support. The volunteer accountants were wonderful; some have been volunteering at our clinics for years and we look forward to seeing them again, others were new to our clinic and were most welcome additions. They were professional, friendly, and patient with our seniors.
Participating in the Tax Clinics was great for our residents who live in long term care. It provided easy access to onsite accountants who were professional, understanding and helpful making a daunting task a breeze to complete. Everyone was very thankful for the service.
Very friendly and efficient volunteers! Thank you for your continued service to all individuals who use our organization! It has been a pleasure working with you and I hope to continue working with you in the future!
Amanda, House Next Door Society
The CPA volunteers were extremely polite and kind when dealing with our newcomers. They were patient when it came to language barriers and very friendly and accommodating.
Thanks to the support of the Tax Clinic program, we were able to introduce a tax clinic to seniors living in a subsidized apartment complex in one of the communities in Calgary, Alberta. Previously, seniors residing in this apartment have had to travel outside of their community in order to access tax clinics. With the lack of accessible and reliable transportation, many of the seniors have experienced barriers in mobility in getting from their apartment to clinic sites. Safety has also been a concern for the seniors having to travel during snowy and icy conditions. Through the CPA Tax Clinic program, the seniors were able to get their taxes completed right on-site without having to travel outside of their community.
I can honestly say the volunteers seem to get better each year! Thank you for this service you offer. I know the seniors truly appreciate the help.
Esther McIntosh, Bowness Seniors Centre
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