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Get key insight into your personal traits and work behaviours

Set yourself apart. The digital revolution is creating a need for CPAs to be highly skilled in the areas of emotional and intercultural intelligence. Leading cross-functional teams, being a part of a multi-cultural office environment and globally distributed virtual teams will require highly adept communication and leadership skills.

Career assessment tools can help you discover skills gaps, create development plans and make important career decisions that will set yourself up for future success.

Benefits of career assessment tools

 For Individuals  For Employers
  • Identify personality traits and opportunities to work on interpersonal skills that will help you become a stronger leader, communicate more accurately and manage stress better
  • Develop greater self-understanding to assist in better job targeting and career progression decisions
  • Build more effective relationships with colleagues and management, and improve interpersonal relationships by understanding how to work with different values, work styles and traits. 
  • Resolve disagreement quicker, boost your empathy, and strengthen your conflict resolution skills
  • Walk away with an actionable developmental learning plan
  • Identify key developmental areas for employees
  • Groom leaders into leadership positions of tomorrow Predict possible personality conflicts and address and identify any pitfall
  • Develop and evaluate team learning plans for intercultural competence and communication
  • Benchmark teams, or an entire organization, to develop their inclusive practices for the purposes of training needs assessment and program evaluation

Our Assessments

CPA Alberta’s Career Advisors are certified in two career assessment tools—available exclusively for CPAs and Candidates.

  • Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-i 2.0)
    Assess emotional intelligence scores

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
    Assess intercultural effectiveness

What is included in each assessment?

Each assessment includes a detailed report of your personal results, and a one-hour in-depth debrief session with a Career and Diversity Advisor.


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