FAQs for Virtual Format

The session will use the Zoom Conferencing solution as the training platform. The solution works with virtually all computers, and sign-up is free.
You have two options. The first option is to listen through your computer’s audio system. The second option is to dial in to the online training session using your phone. Follow these instructions on the Zoom website to test your audio.
Yes, both options are available for participants to join the webinar.
You should log in at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar to ensure that you are able to connect properly.
Having your video on is very important as it will lead to an enhanced learning experience for yourself as well as others in the program. Using your video on the Zoom platform will allow the virtual session to be as effective as meeting in-person. Without the benefit of body language and other non-verbal cues, your communication and experience will be limited.
Yes, in addition to your facilitator(s), CPA Alberta will also have program staff available to ensure as seamless of an experience as possible.
Tools such as the use of breakout rooms, polls, whiteboards, and chats will be used throughout the program to help replicate the interaction that may exist in an in-person session. As well, activities such as ice-breakers may be incorporated into the delivery.
Depending on the program, there are different levels of pre-work that you’ll need to complete several weeks before the start of the sessions. For the Controller’s Management Executive Program and the CFO’s Leadership Executive Program, there are a number of self-assessments, along with other assessments, which will involve a few of your colleagues and/or supervisor(s). The time spent on these assessments are not very long (on average about 15 minutes for each), but will need to be done in advance. There will also be some pre-reading (60-90 minutes) before the first day of each of the Executive Programs. You will be advised on the timing of pre-work upon registering.
Yes, just as in the in-person sessions, you will receive an hour of one-on-one executive coaching during these sessions and they will be scheduled as conveniently as possible.
There will be frequent short breaks throughout each day, along with a break for lunch.
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