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The CPA Alberta CFO Executive Program Certificate is a two-component curriculum designed to provide you with the foundation for success. The CFO’s Leadership Program will focus on management and leadership skills, while the CFO’s Operational Skills Program will focus on core technical and operational skills.

You can choose to complete only one of these programs, but if you complete both components you will receive a certificate of completion.

CFO's Leadership Program focuses on developing the skills of an influential leader in your organization.

January 26-29, 2020

Price: $3,250 +GST

Early bird price until November 26: $2,950 + GST

Registration is open until January 3, 2020

CFO's Operational Skills Program focuses on the strategic technical competencies of the role

May 10-13, 2020

Price: $3,250 + GST

Early bird price until March 10, 2020: $2,950 + GST

Registration is open until April 16, 2020

Each program may qualify for up to 29 hours of professional development.

Detailed curriculum and registration information:


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