The CEO Program: Acquiring the Edge and Leading with Purpose

CEO Program: Acquiring the Edge and Leading with Purpose

Build the culture you want.

This practical, intensive, provocative, highly interactive, advanced program is the creation of Dr. Jim Murray and has been offered to CPA organizations across the country for the past decade. It is now coming to Alberta. Jim has a remarkable track record of helping over 600 organizations achieve their unrealized potential. You can read his full bio at

The title of CEO is a misnomer. Leaders don’t execute, they decide … then motivate others to get the job done. They know how to deal with the exponential pace of change and unlock the unforeseen but immense opportunities that arise from the turbulent, often unexplainable forces impacting their business. They now realize yesterday’s solutions are more than insufficient; they’re entirely counter-productive. So they “go back to school” to acquire the skills, insights and confidence needed to survive and thrive in our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world. They are now in demand and they know it.

Leading with purpose requires the ability to build and apply one’s social and strategic intelligence, prick the bubble of ignorance and anticipate career derailers. It means you must select the right talent and develop a cohesive executive team, courageously respond to high-impact surprises, devise strategies that both inform and inspire, foster a culture of resilience, deal effectively with ethical dilemmas, lead people who are smarter than you, and create flexible business models that will compete for the future. The curriculum is redesigned each year to reflect current leadership challenges and realities.

The CEO Program: Acquiring the Edge and Leading with Purpose

New dates coming soon.

This program may be eligible for up to 33 hours of professional development.

Detailed curriculum and registration information:

  • The CEO Program: Acquiring the Edge and Leading with Purpose details coming soon
Unlike any other leadership program I’ve ever taken. The information, knowledge, insights and tips I gained over three days is far superior to the six months of executive coaching I’ve received. I was engaged 100% of the time – not many speakers can do that. This course has changed my life.
I learned not only what I need to do internally (with staff, systems and expectations) but externally as well. My biggest/favourite take-aways were what I learned about myself.
Provided me with gems of insight – I tried to absorb every wisdom Jim imparted. A transformative experience. Every second of my life is worthy of my time and energy. I enjoyed it immensely.
It forced me to write down my moral compass, take stock of a realistic self-assessment, and answer some really tough questions. I now have a binder full of resource materials.
Gave me the tools I need for self-promotion, executive alignment, risk management and diagnosing organizational health to name just a few.
V.P., Finance
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