Customized Training

Turning Professional Development into a competitive advantage. Experience a tailored, customized training delivered direct to your organization.

In today’s rapidly changing business environment staying ahead of the curve is critical to any organization. Having the right professional development and training can help organizations operate more efficiently, standardize processes, boost job satisfaction, and increase employee engagement. In addition, providing high-quality training can be an effective recruitment and retention tool.

CPA Alberta draws on an extensive network of qualified instructors, from across Canada, to cover topics ranging from technical to communications and leadership skills to deliver flexible, cost-effective, and entirely confidential, professional development.

Delivered in the comfort of your office space, or learning environment, customized training provides a timely and practical learning opportunity for your organization and target audience. Our extensive experience providing continuing professional development to accounting, finance and business leaders means we understand how to develop training for what adult learners require. 

There are varying levels of customization available to meet any budget or schedule:

  • Seminars from our standard catalogue, delivered as-is
  • Seminars from our standard catalogue, modified to meet your specific needs
  • Custom seminars developed specifically for your organization’s unique training needs and goals

Let us help you map out a development plan that fits your training objectives and budget!

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Benefits of Customized Training

Customized training provides your staff the opportunity to:

  • Increased collective knowledge of your team by creating a culture of learning
  • Increased employee engagement by supporting them to earn required CPD hours
  • Ability for facilitator to tailor programs to your team with relevant examples
  • Receive more time to interact with the instructor
  • Ask questions and get answers about issues that directly affect your business
  • Gain a common understanding of theories and terminology as a team to help facilitate communications and group collaborations
  • Benefit from industry-specific examples and case-studies

Meanwhile, employers benefit from:

  • Significantly discounted costs for training groups
  • Saving money on travel expenses for your attendees
  • Saving time by scheduling training when it’s most convenient
  • Learning objectives which are aligned to the goals of the business and its workflow
  • A virtual learning program that allows all staff to participate regardless of location
  • Opportunity to introduce standardized procedures or best practices
  • A confidential learning environment


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