Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA)

The Fellow of Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA) will be granted to those members who have rendered exceptional service to the profession or whose achievements in their careers, the community, or in the profession have earned them distinction and brought honour to the profession.


  • The CPA must be a member in good standing of CPA Alberta.
  • There is no minimum requirement of membership before being eligible for nomination.
  • The individual will have demonstrated exceptional leadership, performance and made remarkable contributions in one, or all three areas of activity:
    • Professional career
    • Volunteer commitment to the accounting profession
    • Volunteer contribution to professional, community, or charitable organizations
  • Members who reside outside the province may be considered for fellowship if they:
    • Have made contributions relevant to the Alberta CPA profession or community
    • Have given exceptional service to the Canadian or international CPA profession
  • FCPAs are not granted posthumously.

 FCPA Support Letter Guide

Strong support letters that clearly articulate the nominee’s exceptional contributions in their career, to the profession and or community, are an essential component of a nomination package.

The quantity of letters is unimportant, rather quality endorsement letters should be considered and submitted with the nomination package. These letters should tell the story of the difference the member’s contribution made to the profession, to a community organization, or highlight the outstanding career accomplishments of the nominee.

The letters of support should adequately highlight the candidate's leadership and the exceptional nature of the candidate's performance. Letters are not required for each aspect of the candidate's career presented; rather they should present evidence of specific aspects of the candidate's leadership ability and/or the exceptional nature of his/her performance. To view sample letters for the nomination of the Distinguished Service Award, click here.

To nominate a candidate for a Fellows of the Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA) Award, click on the FCPA Online Nomination link below. Please note, you will be required to sign in to SM Apply to complete the online nomination.
FCPA Online Nomination
Or, if you prefer, you can manually complete the FCPA Award nomination using the Word version. Click on the “Download Word FCPA Nomination Form” link below.
Download FCPA Word Nomination Form
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