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What is business acumen and how do you get some?

Business acumen – often referred to as “business sense” or “business savvy” – is basically a person’s ability to understand the various aspects of how a business works. It’s about knowing how to adapt and make decisions or provide insight to help ensure a business is successful.

And how does one learn to do that? Experience. Listening. Observing. And learning. 

We know you're in the very early stages of your business careers because, well, you're in high school. The videos on this site were created to provide you with some insight into the various aspects of business, and give you an inside track advantage as you develop your business savvy.


Learn more about business acumen from Dave Bodnarchuk FCPA, FCA. Dave is passionate about helping students learn about business, and his generous donation has helped make this site possible.

Alberta High School Students:

Tell us your story!

We encourage you to watch the videos, then take some time to consider how you might be able to use these skills in your own life, whether you choose a career in business or not. Then we want to hear your story! Send us your story – either written or video – and your submission will be considered for a cash award, which you can put towards your education and get you one step closer to your business career. Or just do something fun with.

How it works.

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1: Watch the videos.

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2: Share your story.

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3: Get rewarded!

Ready to get started?

The first step is to watch a series of videos that talk about skills for business success. Be sure to pay attention, they'll come in handy for Step 2.

Need more information?

If you're a student, educator, or parent looking for more information about scholarships, becoming a CPA, or the CPA profession in Alberta, check out the resources area for useful links.


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