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December 16, 2019


In December 2018, Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA made a gift to the CPA Education Foundation that lead to the creation of the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre. The report below outlines the highlights and achievements of the Centre's first year in operation.


Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre Year One in Review

July 25, 2019


In her recent address to the graduating class of Tempo School in Edmonton, Dr. Buffy Michael references Brian Hesje FCPA, FCA, whose generous donation led to the creation of the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre. In her speech, she puts forth ideas discussed in his book 26 Thoughts on Leadership. Below is a copy of her message.

Brian's book is available for purchase.


Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Your Best!

as delivered by Dr. B. Michael:


As you are on your way to post-secondary, you will learn more about yourself and opportunities.

You may question:

  • Where am I going?
  • Why does it have to be so difficult for so long? and,
  • Is it all worth it? 

I was recently reading a book about thoughts on leadership written by a well-known Alberta CEO and Board Chair, residing in Edmonton, Brian Hesje. One thought on leadership that Hesje aptly addresses is talent.

We all know that everyone has different abilities: creative, athletic, artistic and intellectual. Hesje reminds us of the reality that there are different levels of opportunities to develop levels of talent and that where there is greater access to education, coaches, training and support, there is greater opportunity to develop talent.

When you begin to question yourself and your future, you may start to consider the saying, “It is not what you know, but who know that counts.”

At this time, you need to remind yourself that this is self-defeating and you are giving up on your talents.

I wish to reinforce, as Hesje believes, the more you learn, experience, and meet and learn from other people, is what actually most often determines your opportunities.

You will need to know yourself better than those who have gone before you needed to know themselves.

Your future jobs will require you to have extensive mental elasticity and creativity, problem solving and people skills, high-leveled critical thinking and interdisciplinary knowledge, and of course, STEM and SCAM.

You may find yourself in professions such as:

  • trash engineer;
  • alternate energy consultant;
  • earthquake forecaster;
  • medical mentor;
  • organ body part creator;
  • memory surgeon; or
  • personal productivity manager.

I couldn’t agree more with Hesje when he states,

“It is your responsibility to develop your talents. It is time well spent to develop your talents and to decide if you have optimized their value.”

So from here on, learn about your talents, nurture and grow your talents, and find a place to share, optimize, and cherish what make you so incredibly you!

I believe your parents’ commitment to TEMPO School has provided you with great access to a strong education. You must continue to believe in yourself and as you have to achieve your talents. And a final word from Hesje as he states, “Talent, combined with extensive work, is most likely to produce exceptional results.” To be noted, one with out the other produces less yield.

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