Experience Assessment

Who assesses my experience and what is the process?

  • When a profession assessment is submitted by a Candidate in PERT at the prescribed interval based on the chosen route, CPA Alberta will review all experience reporting.
  • The CPA Alberta reviewer may provide you with revisions that you need to complete before they will finalize your assessment.
  • Remember that your experience reporting represents a formal submission to the profession and as such ensure that you have put the necessary time and care into your report.

Timing for experience assessments varies depending on if you are in the Pre-Approved Program or Experience Verification Route.

Pre-Approved Program Route

  • When the Candidate has completed his/her practical experience, or sooner only if he/she changes programs or employers.
  • If the Candidate changes employers, he/she is required to submit a profession assessment within three months of the change.
  • Candidates in a PPR will choose either a 'completion' profession assessment, or a 'change of job' profession assessment.
  • If the Candidate is working in public accounting, ensure that he/she attaches the Chargeable Hours form, signed by the Program Leader, to the final report in PERT.

  • When a PPR candidate requests a profession assessment, the assessment is first sent to the Program Leader for certification.
  • When the Program Leader certifies the assessment, it is then sent to CPA Alberta for review and approval.

Experience Verification Route


The first profession assessment request is for the pre-assessment.

As directed by the profession

  • Most commonly, Candidates will submit their first report to the profession after working 12 months in their role. The profession assessment requested will be '12 month'.
  • If CPA Alberta, through the pre-assessment, deems that the Candidate may require additional guidance, you may be requested to report earlier.
  • After this initial review, CPA Alberta will direct Candidates when to report next - this may be at completion of the practical experience requirements, or earlier if deemed necessary.

Change of Job

  • If a Candidate changes positions or employers, they are required to submit a 'change of job' profession assessment within 3 months of the employment change.


  • Once all of the practical experience requirements are met, the candidate will submit a 'completion' profession assessment.

Note that Candidates may not submit a request for a profession assessment outside of the above. If you have questions about your specific situation please contact us directly.

Once CPA Alberta has approved all of a Candidate's experience, he/she will be notified to confirm that he/she has met the practical experience requirements. At this time the Candidate will be directed to apply for membership.

Candidates may not submit their membership application until CPA Alberta has completed the assessment. Applications submitted earlier will be returned.

When a Candidate submits his/her profession assessment it is automatically sent to CPA Alberta for our review and approval.

For step-by-step guide on how to fill out PERT experience reports please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for PERT Tasks.

Questions? Contact: practicalexperience@cpaalberta.ca

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