Meet the Pros - Videos

Find out how a career as a Chartered Professional Accountant can be rewarding both in and out of the office.

AK Okuboyejo CPA, CA

"Being a CPA has opened many doors for me." - AK Okuboyejo CPA, CA

Chioma Ufodike CPA, CMA

"I definitely believe it is important to go for your dreams. If you don't venture, you don't gain." - Chioma Ufodike CPA, CMA

Virgina Baescu CPA, CGA

"Every number tells a story." - Virgina Baescu CPA, CGA

Brent Vandenbrink CPA

"When I came home at night I always had a smile on my face; it felt like I was accomplishing something." - Brent Vandenbrink CPA

Ian Folinsbee CPA, CMA

"When you build a solid foundation based on numbers, it's okay to take a leap of faith and try new things." - Ian Folinsbee CPA, CMA

Geeta Tucker FCPA, FCMA

"This training gave me the leadership, people management, and negotiation skills to build 14 medical clinics in Nigeria." - Geeta Tucker FCPA, FCMA

Louise Nesterenko FCPA, FCGA

"I can do it all because I'm a designated Chartered Professional Accountant." - Louise Nesterenko FCPA, FCGA

Shawn Kanungo CPA, CA

"As a management consultant I'm a scientist, artist, and storyteller, all in one." - Shawn Kanungo CPA, CA
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