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A view from street level looking up at skyscrapers. Text on image reads "CPA Alberta High School Open House, October 13 and 14, 6:30-8:00pm."

CPA Alberta invites high school students, parents, and teachers to join us for the CPA Alberta High School Open House, a virtual event to share information with graduating high school students about the path to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Whether accounting is your calling or you are just starting to think about what to do after you graduate, this event is for you! Our panel of experts will answer questions like:

  • What is a CPA?
  • What careers are available for a CPA?
  • What’s life like as an accounting student?
  • How do I study to become a CPA? How do I pay for my education?
  • …and more!

Who should attend this event?

  • High school students: this event will provide information to help you shape your decision about your future. You’ll learn about what to expect over the next few years and for the rest of your career so you can choose the path that’s best for you.
  • Parents: you want the best for your child, including putting them on the path to a successful future. You’ll learn about the process to become a CPA so you can support your child along their journey.
  • Teachers/counsellors: you interact with dozens of students every day who look up to you for guidance. Get the right information about a career path as a CPA so you can advise students about careers that are right for them.

The CPA Alberta High School Open House will take place on October 13 and 14, from 6:30-8:00pm. Both events will cover the same information, so participants should only attend one event.

This event will take place via a Zoom webinar. A link will be sent out the day before each event.

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