The Benefits of Becoming a PPR Provider

Candidates can earn their practical experience through the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR) or Experience Verification Route (EVR). The resources below outline the specific benefits employers gain by becoming a PPR provider and how it can help them better support their candidates.

  • Become a PPR provider: Find out how PPR providers can streamline practical experience reporting for their candidates with this short booklet.
  • Why become a PPR?: In this blog post, find out how becoming a PPR provider can better help you support your candidates and benefit your organization.
  • CPA Rotational Program: Learn about rotational programs and how they can help employers support candidates in this blog post.
  • Flexibility within a PPR: This blog post looks at how PPR programs can be tailored to suit employers.
  • Don’t underestimate the industry PPR: This blog post discusses how more and more industry employers are offering pre-approved programs and seeing candidates excel in them.
  • A candidate’s reflections: Nicole Spotowski looks back on the support she received from ATCO and shares how ATCO’s PPR program helped facilitate her success in CPA PEP.

How to Become a PPR Provider

Employer Features

Want to see what other employers are doing to support their candidates or the benefits of becoming a PPR? CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team regularly sits down with employers to discuss what they do to help their CPA PEP candidates.

  • PCL: Carrie Serediak CPA, CMA shares how PCL creates connections and a sense of community for candidates.
  • Canadian Natural: Sameer Kalbag CPA, CA discusses how CPA program leaders collaborate at Canadian Natural to support the next generation of CPAs.
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation: Having a PPR program can help develop future senior leaders, and Aaron Principe CPA, CGA discusses how.
  • City of Edmonton: Stephanie McDougald CPA, CGA gets "a lot of joy" from seeing CPA candidates progress through the City of Edmonton's pre-approved program route.
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation: Aaron Principe CPA, CGA provides insights into how the PPR program can help develop future senior leaders.
  • Ovintiv Inc.: Rohit Kasbekar CPA, CMA discusses how Ovintiv’s PPR program helped develop the May 2021 CFE’s National Gold Medallist.
  • Nuna Group of Companies: Ryan Hall CPA, CA talks about how the PPR program can help make your workforce more diverse.
  • LiveCA: Josh Zweig CPA, CA shares his virtual accounting firm’s experience with becoming a PPR.
  • ATCO: Cynthia Kumar CPA, CA highlights how ATCO supports candidates transition from candidate to full CPA roles.
  • Imperial Oil: Glenn Peters CPA, CMA discusses Imperial Oil’s rotational program and its benefits.
  • Office of the Auditor General of Alberta: Fong-Yee Tsai and Ibi Power CPA, CA share how the company keeps track of the progress of their candidates.
  • Telus: The employer plays an important role in candidate development, and Jill Miller Barone CPA, CA describes how that plays out at Telus.
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