Employer FAQs

Absolutely! The Employer Relations team has developed numerous resources for candidates who don’t have CPA mentors. We have enlisted the help of many recent successful CFE writers to share their experiences. Check out our blog posts specifically written for candidates starting Core 1.

CPA Alberta also hosts evening study sessions for candidates, where recent successful CFE writers are invited to speak on relevant topics. To receive the latest information on resources and initiatives, or to join our mailing list, you or your candidate can email us at EmployerRelations@cpaalberta.ca.

If your candidate is writing the CFE this year, inform them about the CFE Survival Guide, and encourage them to keep an eye out for some helpful events, like our Case Writing and Marking Parties.

The CPA Certification Program Road Map compares legacy programs to CPA PEP. The Road Map is designed to help CPAs who hold legacy designations to understand what their CPA candidates are going through today.

For more information on the CPA Certification Program, check out the What to Expect When You’re Expecting ... A CPA Candidate brochure. To receive a handy desktop copy of the brochure in a user-friendly flipbook format, email EmployerRelations@cpaalberta.ca.   

CPA Alberta hosts round tables where employers can discuss any challenges they may be facing, and share ideas and best practices. To receive information about CPA Alberta round tables, email EmployerRelations@cpaalberta.ca.

The What to Expect When You're Expecting … A CPA Candidate guide also provides tips on how to support candidates.

To ensure you don't miss important updates, email EmployerRelations@cpaalberta.ca to sign up for our mailing list. You will receive important information about events that specifically meet your needs, as well as a quarterly e-newsletter.

Check out the resources in the Employer Relations section of this website, as many of them may be helpful for you and your staff.

A member of CPA Alberta's Employer Relations team can also meet with your team to discuss the path to becoming a CPA and the benefits of being designated, and provide an overview of the resources available to current CPA candidates and mentors.

To better understand the practical experience requirements, visit our practical experience page. To confirm that your candidate is gaining the experience needed to get their designation, check out this document, which outlines the practical experience requirements.

CPA Alberta may provide feedback to a candidate in the Experience Verification Route after a profession assessment. It might be beneficial to review this feedback with your candidate to determine which competency areas they need to develop. If needed, you can speak with a member of the Practical Experience team to better understand the feedback. Reach out to them at practicalexperience@cpaalberta.ca.

If you are training candidates in the Experience Verification Route, and you are listed as a candidate’s supervisor in the Practical Experience Reporting Tool, this may be helpful.

If you are a mentor, click here to see the resources available to you.

If you would like to mentor CPA candidates, click here.

If you are training CPA candidates in the Pre-Approved Program Route, click here.

The CPA Certification Program is very robust and can be quite intense at times. Referring a candidate to speak to a professional may sometimes be the best support you can provide them. It is important to know that CPA Assist’s free, confidential support services are available to CPAs, CPA candidates, and their immediate families. Appointments are booked during regular office hours. Crisis support is available 24/7. Click here for details.

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