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CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team provides resources and information to employers to help them better support their CPA candidates. These resources are intended to help managers, supervisors, and colleagues better understand the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and what their candidates are going through as they work to achieve their CPA designation.

Be sure to visit often, as new resources are added frequently.

Popular Resources

Mentoring works both ways
Mentoring Works Both Ways

Becoming a mentor is a great way to give back to the community and pass on your knowledge to the next generation of CPAs. What does the mentorship process look like and how can you maximize your efforts as a mentor?

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Become a PPR Provider
The Pre-Approved Program (PPR) benefits both employers and CPA candidates. Find out how you can support the next generation of CPAs by becoming a PPR provider.

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CPA Snack & Chat Info Sessions
Our Snack & Chat Info Sessions are an excellent opportunity for your staff to become familiar with the requirements of the CPA Professional Education Program.

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