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CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team provides resources and information to employers to help them better support their CPA candidates. These resources are intended to help managers, supervisors, and colleagues better understand the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and what their candidates are going through as they work to achieve their CPA designation.

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Popular Resources

Supporting candidates

Employers hiring CPA candidates often have questions (even those who have hired CPA candidates in the past), and many employers might not know what to expect when their candidates are in CPA PEP. The below resources inform employers about CPA PEP and provide tips on how to support CPA candidates at all stages of their educational journeys.

  • What to Expect When You’re Expecting… a CPA Candidate: This handy guide features a look at CPA PEP and contains information and best practices to support your candidate throughout each module and the Common Final Examination (CFE).
  • CPA Certification Program Roadmap: This resource helps CPAs with legacy designations—CA, CGA, and/or CMA—support the next generation of business leaders by outlining the key similarities and differences between the previous programs and the current CPA Professional Education Program.
  • Candidate Resources: This compilation of resources can be provided to candidates to help them achieve success throughout their CPA PEP modules and the CFE.

Becoming a Pre-Approved Program Route Provider

Candidates can earn their practical experience through the Pre-Approved Program Route (PPR) or Experience Verification Route (EVR). The below resources outline the specific benefits of becoming a PPR provider and how it can help employers better support their candidates.

  • Become a PPR provider: Find out how to streamline practical experience reporting as a PPR provider with this short booklet.
  • CPA Rotational Program: Learn about rotational programs and how they can help employers support candidates in this blog post.

Employer Features

Want to see what other employers are doing to support their candidates? CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team regularly sits down with employers to discuss what they do to help their CPA PEP candidates.

  • Imperial Oil: Glenn Peters CPA, CMA discusses their rotational program and its benefits.
  • Office of the Auditor General of Alberta: Fong-Yee Tsai and Ibi Power CPA, CA share how the company keeps track of the progress of their candidates.
  • Telus: The employer plays an important role in candidate development, and Jill Miller Barone CPA, CA describes how that plays out at Telus.


CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team hosts events to provide information and resources to employers and their candidates.

  • Roundtables: Join other EVR employers, PPR employers, or firms to network, discuss best practices to support candidates, and share potential challenges.
  • Snack & Chat Info Sessions: A CPA Alberta representative will present to your staff about the path to becoming a CPA.
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