Case Writing & Marking Parties

People passing a folder to one another

Candidates preparing for the Common Final Examination (CFE) can attend the Case Writing & Marking Parties. These popular events provide candidates with an opportunity to write a new case, provided by CPA Alberta, under exam conditions. Candidates then swap their cases with a fellow participant and mark each other’s cases.

Remote Case Writing & Marking Parties

In summer 2020, Employer Relations held two Case Writing & Marking Parties! Due to COVID-19, we were unable to host the parties in person. Instead, we mailed a case and a DIY exam condition guide to candidates. Two cases were available to candidates, and after writing their response to the first case in July, over 400 candidates swapped with a peer to mark their case remotely and debrief with their partner. The second case was simply for practice, but that didn’t stop more than 450 candidates from requesting one in August. These cases helped participants hone their writing and debriefing skills, and find new study buddies in the process!

Thank you to all of the candidates who participated, as well as their employers for encouraging them to partake!

Email to ensure you’re notified when registration opens for the next party!



CPA candidates working on cases at the Calgary Case Writing and Marking Party

In Calgary, CPA candidates write their case responses in advance of the September 2019 CFE.

CPA candidates working on cases at the Edmonton Case Writing and Marking Party

CPA candidates respond to a new case during the August 2019 Case Writing & Marking Party in Edmonton.

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