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CPA Alberta’s Employer Relations team has developed resources for candidates to help them be successful in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) and on the Common Final Exam (CFE). The below resources contain tried and tested tips from successful CFE writers and would be beneficial for CPA candidates at any stage of their CPA PEP journey—anywhere from Core 1 to the CFE.

Be sure to visit often, as new resources are added frequently.

Popular Resources

Preparing for the CFE panel discussion

If you are writing the CFE in a few months or weeks, this video is for you. We assembled a panel of recent successful writers to provide their strategies, tips and tricks on how to ace the exam. Click the link to watch.

Fool-proof methods of preparing a case response

Properly planning a case will put candidates more firmly on the path to success in CPA PEP and on the CFE.

Hot tips for time management

It’s important that candidates build time management habits early in Core 1 and refine their techniques as they progress toward the CFE. Good time management can have a significant impact on how they do in CPA PEP and on their CFE outcome.

Debriefing a case

Throughout CPA PEP, candidates will be required to write many, many, many cases. But equally important to writing is debriefing the feedback they’re receiving.

Technical topics

A big focus of the CFE tests candidates’ technical abilities.

Exam preparation

Exam preparation is more than the technical and writing aspects; it’s important that candidates be prepared for these other elements.

  • DIY Exam Conditions: this guide will help candidates prepare for the conditions they’ll encounter while writing CPA exams. 

Mental health

The CFE is a stressful experience for many people. It is incredibly important for candidates to manage their mental health during this time.

  • CPA Assist: CPA Alberta’s CPA Assist program provides 24/7 confidential counselling and crisis support. It is available to all Alberta CPAs, candidates, and their immediate families.
  • Tackling exam anxiety: This webinar by Laurence Zalmanowitz, MEd, Registered Psychologist, covers strategies and tips to manage anxiety before any exam, including the CFE.

Module-specific resources

Core 1

Capstone 1

Capstone 2

Common Final Exam

  • CFE Survival Guide: In this guide, candidates will learn how to build confidence and prepare for the CFE with tips from recent successful CFE writers.
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