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Employer Relations supports CPA Alberta’s strategic priorities by:

  • Helping CPA candidates succeed in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). We accomplish this by collaborating with recent successful CFE writers to develop resources for employers and candidates. These resources enable employers to better support the candidates that work at their organizations, facilitating their progress through CPA PEP.
  • Educating internationally trained professionals and career changers about the CPA designation and its benefits. We deliver this information through Snack and Chat Info Sessions and one-on-one advising calls to help these professionals make informed decisions about their careers. 

Whether you’re an employer, mentor, volunteer, CPA candidate, or prospective CPA, we’d love to hear from you. To schedule an appointment for a one-on-one session, click here. To book a Snack and Chat session for a group of prospective CPAs, click here. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for our initiatives, email us at EmployerRelations@cpaalberta.ca.

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Snack and Chat
Snack and Chat Info Session

Our Snack & Chat Info Sessions are an excellent opportunity to become familiar with CPA PEP enrollment requirements and the benefits of having the CPA designation.

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Effective comms
Effective Communication Matters

Find out how to communicate clearly, concisely, correctly, and concretely when completing practical experience reports and CPA PEP assignments, exams, and case responses.

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CPA PEP Talks: Speaker Series

CPA PEP Talk videos feature recent successful CFE writers sharing their tips on how to navigate CPA PEP. Whether you’re in Core 1, Capstone 2, or anywhere in between, we’ve got a PEP Talk for you.

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If you employ CPA candidates, or are planning to employ one, two, or any number, this webinar is for you.

Watch webinar to find out best practices on how to support your CPA candidates.
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