Transcript Assessment

Submitting your post-secondary transcripts

Before submitting your post-secondary transcripts to be evaluated please make sure you have already created a CPA Profile.

Transcripts are evaluated to determine if you meet the degree requirement and have completed the necessary prerequisite courses and subject area coverage for entry to the CPA Professional Education Program. A minimum three year or a 90-credit equivalent Canadian post-secondary degree must be completed before we will evaluate your transcripts, as it is an entrance requirement to the program. Note that a degree and 120 credits are required for enrollment into the CPA PEP. Transcript evaluations are valid for one year from the original evaluation date.

If you do not have a degree, but want to pursue the CPA designation, please contact one of the post-secondary institutions for degree options before you request for an evaluation.

Request a transcript assessment

The first step in having your transcripts evaluated is to login to your My CPA Profile and ensure that your educational history is accurate and complete. Please ensure that it correctly matches all transcripts you will be submitting for assessment. Next, follow these steps to request a Transcript Assessment:

  1. Select Program Admission
  2. Select Transcript Assessment
  3. Click on the '+ Add Transcript Assessment' button.
  4. Complete the assessment request and pay the appropriate transcript evaluation fee online.

Send your official transcripts to be evaluated

Domestic or international transcripts:

  • Official transcripts must be mailed directly from the post-secondary institution or arrive sealed (unopened) in the original envelope. Transcripts will not be accepted if they are opened, scanned, faxed, or sent in any electronic format.
  • Whenever available, documents should be submitted in English by the institution. If the document is not issued in English, please submit both the original and the English translation by a certified translator.
  • If any names on your transcripts are different than your profile name, you must also submit legal proof of name change (copy of your marriage certificate, legal name change document, etc.).
  • If you hold credentials from outside of Canada, you must submit your transcripts along with a basic evaluation by IQAS, ICES or WES (or by any member of the Alliance of Credential Evaluation Services of Canada) in a sealed envelope.

If you are applying for direct entry into the CPA Professional Education Program (you have met all prerequisite requirements) and you are currently a university student, enclose the most recent unofficial transcripts. Your CPA candidate status will be conditional, pending on receipt of official transcripts.

Mail or deliver all transcripts and supporting documents to:

Attention: Transcript Assessment
CPA Western School of Business
Student & Support Services
201, 1074 103A Street SW
Edmonton AB T6W 2P6

Download detailed instructions outlining the Enrollment Process.

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