Never Have I Ever video series

CPA Alberta played a game of Never Have I Ever with some Alberta CPAs, and they revealed the truth about the profession, their interests, what fires them up, and so much more than we bargained for!

Scroll down to play along and get to know some dynamic and charismatic CPAs who break the mold of the “stereotypical” accountant. We’re warning you, though: you’ll truly discover how strongly CPAs feel about spreadsheets, filing their own taxes, positive mental health, doing calculations without a calculator, and more! Now only one question remains: which of these never have I evers have YOU ever?

Have you ever had your job replaced by a robot?

Have you ever creatively solved a business problem?

Have you ever busted a myth about accounting?

Have you ever travelled abroad for work?

Have you ever struggled with mental health?

Have you ever completed a complex math problem without a calculator?

Have you ever advised a client on finances?

Have you ever failed at something?

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