Work of the CPA Alberta Board

The CPA Alberta Board governs the business and affairs of the organization. The Board helps ensure CPA Alberta meets its mandate under the Chartered Professional Accountants Act.

The Board is the bridge between individual members and CPA Alberta, giving voice to all Alberta CPAs. It:

  • Represents the interests of Alberta CPAs from across the province and across all sectors;
  • Raises awareness of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing Alberta CPAs;
  • Sets the CPA Alberta strategic direction; and
  • Protects the integrity of the profession, including ensuring the public interest is protected.

More specifically, the Board provides leadership and oversight to the organization’s mission, vision, operating principles, strategic plan, and annual operating plan, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer.

Watch the videos below to hear select CPA Alberta Board Members discuss their roles and how the work of the Board touches all Alberta CPAs.

Michelle J. Balmer CPA, CA

"It's important to me that 20 years from now the profession is still vibrant and sustainable." - Michelle J. Balmer CPA, CA

Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA

"Protecting the interest of the public and protecting the interest of members, it's an important role." - Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA

Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMA

"I believe giving back to the community in which we live is really important and volunteering is a great way to give back." - Ruth McHugh FCPA, FCMA

Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA

"Through attaining the designation it's given me a lot. So it's my opportunity to give back to the profession." - Damian Zapisocky CPA, CA

Simar Gill P.Eng

"My objective was to give back to the community where I could use my professional experience and knowledge and bring in my skill set." - Simar Gill P.Eng
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