Proposed Changes to CPA Alberta’s Governing Documents

CPA Alberta’s governing documents outline and provide the framework for the authority of the organization, and the rights and responsibilities of all CPAs. Changes to the CPA Alberta Regulations, Rules of Professional Conduct, and Bylaws can only be made with the approval of Alberta CPAs.

For 2019, there will be three areas of changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct for consideration.

CPA Alberta Proposed Rule Changes 2019

The proposed changes to the CPA Alberta Rules of Professional Conduct that are being put to Alberta CPAs fall into three main categories:

  1. Changes to Rule 204 to make it consistent with the requirements of the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants Code for Professional Accountants. It is an enhancement over the current version of Rule 204. Rule 204 deals with independence in the context of assurance engagements/audits. Review the proposed changes to Rule 204
  2. The addition of Rule 410, prohibiting a candidate/student to engage in a professional accounting practice. Under the CPA Act, there is no explicit prohibition for a candidate/student to engage in a professional accounting practice (PPAP). Under section 2 of the CPA Act, candidates cannot register as a Public Accounting Firm or a Professional Service Provider, so it similarly follows that candidates should not be able to register as a PPAP. Review the proposed addition of Rule 410
  3. A number of non-substantive changes to the Rules to ensure harmonization with the national rules. This is necessary as Alberta Rules were put into place prior to the national harmonized rules being completely finalized, due to the timing of unification in Alberta. These changes are “housekeeping” in nature. Review the proposed changes

*follow the link to view proposed rule changes

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