Overview of the CPA Alberta Board and Its Mandate

About the Board

The CPA Alberta Board governs the organization in order to effectively and efficiently meet its legislated mandate and protect the public interest. Through its deliberations and oversight of CPA Alberta’s activities, the Board ensures resources and support are available to Alberta’s CPAs. This allows CPAs to serve Albertans at the highest levels of professional competency and ethical conduct.

Board Composition

The CPA Alberta Board is currently composed of twelve individuals: nine Alberta CPAs elected by the membership, and three public members appointed by the Government of Alberta.

Elected Board Members

All Alberta CPAs in good standing are eligible to stand for election to the board. Those elected serve a three-year term on the CPA Alberta Board, to a maximum of two terms.

Board elections are held annually, with the number of open board positions being contested dependent on the number of terms ending. This membership-wide vote is overseen by an independent volunteer chief scrutineer, who ensures all the organization’s prescribed voting procedures are followed, the election process is fair, and accurate voting results are compiled.

Public Board Members

As outlined in the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, the Board must also include enough public members to make up at least 25 per cent of the Board’s voting members.

Public members of the CPA Alberta Board bring to the Board an external perspective on the regulation of the profession. This valuable point of view helps ensure CPA Alberta’s legislated mandate of protecting the public is always foremost in mind.

The public members are accountable to the Government of Alberta, as CPA Alberta is a regulatory body, responsible to the Ministry of Labour and Immigration. By the standards established by the Government of Alberta, public board members are expected to:

  • Attend and be well prepared for all board meetings by reading and understanding the meeting materials
  • Be familiar with the issues affecting the board they are appointed to
  • Make well informed recommendations on items before the board
  • Actively participate in board discussions and the business of the board

Board Role

The Chartered Professional Accountants Act sets the path for the CPA Alberta Board. As a fundamental governing document, the Act provides a framework for how the profession operates in Alberta. To ensure CPA Alberta meets its mandate, the Act states that the Board must:

  • Govern the business and affairs of the organization.
  • Exercise CPA Alberta’s powers in the name of and on behalf of the organization.
  • Fulfil the purposes of the Chartered Professional Accountants Act.

In fulfilling its legislated mandate, the Board aims to:

  • Represent Alberta CPAs from across the province and all sectors.
  • Raise awareness of the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing Alberta CPAs.
  • Set the CPA Alberta strategic direction.
  • Protect the integrity of the profession, including ensuring the public interest is protected.
  • More specifically, provide leadership and oversight to the organization’s mission, vision, operating principles, strategic plan, and annual operating plan, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer.

Watch the video below to hear former CPA Alberta Board Chair Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA discuss the work of the Board.

Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA

"Protecting the interest of the public and protecting the interest of members, it's an important role." - Darrell Jones FCPA, FCMA
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