Why work here?

Meaningful work
Through clear and transparent communication of business planning process and the departmental business goals, our employees understand what is expected of them and how the work they do helps CPA Alberta meet its strategic goals. Having a clear understanding of their role, along with the associated key deliverables and priorities, helps our staff excel and find value in their work.

Sense of camaraderie and fun
The CPA Alberta Social Committee plans teambuilding and social events every month, which all employees are invited to and encouraged to attend. You will come for the career and stay for the people!

Our culture
Our organization is focused on fostering a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.

Diversity and inclusion
We value and celebrate our differences and respect the unique perspectives of our staff who show up authentically, and feel equitably supported in their careers, all whilst excelling at protecting the public and advancing the profession.

Employee development
The CPA Alberta leadership team actively supports staff members’ professional development. The organization regularly hosts internal training sessions, and staff are provided with resources to pursue their own individual professional development areas. CPA Alberta has identified the below core competencies for staff, which complement the organization’s values:

  • Values & Ethics
  • Teamwork & Adaptability
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Communication

Employee Engagement

To understand our employee's needs and to create the conditions in which they can reach their full potential, our staff completed a bi-annual Employee Engagement/Satisfaction survey in 2022. Here are some survey responses to the question "What CPA Alberta does best". 



I like the strong sense of commitment, communication, and openness within my department.
CPA Alberta Team Member
The people in my team are very supportive, they know how to work hard but also have fun.
CPA Alberta Team Member


Communication from leadership is very strong. I am happy to hear from leadership as much as I do.
CPA Alberta Team Member
The team supports each other, and we have good people. There's also a commitment from the CEO and leadership against discrimination of any kind.
CPA Alberta Team Member


CPA Alberta has a great culture that cares about staff members. For the most part, people seem to genuinely care about their work and each other
CPA Alberta Team Member
The culture at CPA Alberta allows a great balance between getting work done and doing a good job while taking time to do things right and also getting a balance between work and life.
CPA Alberta Team Member


CPA Alberta has a flexible, stable, and respectful work environment. I love the safe work environment and work/life balance in the organization.
CPA Alberta Team Member
The Collaboration and flexibility within the team is welcoming. I've only been with the organization a short time, but there is a willingness to collaborate. The organization also seems to be quite nimble, adjusting to personnel or situational change quite easily.
CPA Alberta Team Member
I like the flexibility in work arrangements and the trust my Managers and Senior Leaders have in me.
CPA Alberta Team Member
Everyone is happy and Senior leadership is always there to support and recognize you.
CPA Alberta Team Member
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