Workshops and Brown Bag Lunch

Career Placement, Networking & Employer Workshops

Career Advisors periodically host workshops for organizations, ranging in duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours, on a variety of employment related topics such as:

  • Networking for Success
  • The Job Search and Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • LinkedIn Overview and how to use it in your Job Search
  • Why an HR Manager is Afraid to Hire You
  • Workplace Integration Resources Overview
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Brown Bag "Later" Seminar: Coffee, Careers and the Hidden Job Market

It is estimated that as many as 80% of job vacancies in any given city are never advertised. In a tight economy, those roles that are posted receive hundreds of applications, and are thus extremely competitive. Find out how you can jump the queue for posted roles, and access the less competitive hidden job market through one-on-one informational interviews (also known as coffee meetings).

In the seminar, you will learn:

  • How coffee meetings can benefit you in career planning and job search,
  • How to find and invite individuals for coffee meetings,
  • What to discuss and ask about in a meeting, and
  • How to follow up afterwards.


February 9, 2017
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar: Effective Job Interviewing

If your resume is strong and you're networking aggressively, you may be getting interviews, but the effort is wasted if you fall short in your face-to-face meetings. For many, interviews are stressful as you're selling yourself and your skillset, trying to read the interviewers' intent, dealing with unexpected questions, and probing with your own queries about the company and job, all on the fly while every nuance of your words and body language is judged, often by more than one person. No pressure there!

This seminar aims to reduce some of this pressure with strategies, tools and best practices for before, during and after the interview. In the session, you'll learn about:

  • Preparing effectively for interviews,
  • Answering behavioural interview questions,
  • Finding out if the role is right for you, and
  • Following up after a meeting.

In this competitive job market, you need to shine in all areas. The interview is your chance to set yourself apart as the best candidate for the job. This seminar will help you do that.


February 21, 2017
12:00 noon - 1:30 pm


February 23, 2017
12:00 noon - 1:30 pm
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