Protecting the Public

CPA Alberta is the professional accounting organization in Alberta.

It operates under the provincial Chartered Professional Accountants Act, the purpose of which is to: protect the public; protect the integrity of the accounting profession regulated under the Act; promote and increase the competence of registrants; and regulate the conduct of registrants.

The body protects the public interest by:

  • setting education and experience standards to become a CPA;
  • setting education and experience standards to provide professional and public accounting services to the public;
  • setting and enforcing high professional and ethical standards;
  • promoting and increasing competence of members by providing a comprehensive program of learning opportunities;
  • assessing the continuing competency of members;
  • enforcing practice standards and rules of professional conduct of registrants; and
  • providing a means by which complaints can be dealt with in a fair and expeditious way by investigating and adjudicating complaints against members.
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