Terms and Conditions

Professional Development Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions apply to all registrations and purchases.

Registration Process

Registrations are accepted by mail, fax, email, online and in-person. Registrations cannot be accepted via telephone. Registrations must be accompanied with the registration fee and be received no later than five business days prior to the seminar date when paying by credit card, cash, cheque, and money order, and 10 business days when paying by Personal or Corporate Passport tickets. Registrations received after the deadlines cannot be processed and payments will be returned. Walk ups are not permitted.

Registrations received in any mode (except online) are processed manually by our Client Service Representatives. As a result, input times will vary depending on volumes. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We recommend early registration to secure seating as seminars fill quickly. The online registration system is automated; therefore, these registrations are processed immediately.

Wait List Policies & Procedures

Due to seminar demand, registrants may be automatically 'waitlisted' if a seminar has become full. If you receive a letter advising that you are on the waitlist this means that you are not yet registered in the seminar. CPA Alberta will contact you IF space becomes available. If you are not admitted to the seminar, a full refund will be issued. Seminar locations will be communicated once the participant is registered (not on the waitlist).

Note: To be on the waitlist, a completed registration form and payment must be received by CPA Alberta.

PD Fees

All fees must accompany registration forms and be payable in full at the time of registration. Registrations will not be processed without payment. Fees can be paid by Passport tickets (if applicable), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cash, money order, or cheque (payable to the CPA Alberta). All fees are subject to GST.

Cash, cheque, money order and credit card (American Express, MasterCard and Visa) are accepted methods of payment for registration fees and Passport purchases. For payment using a Corporate or Personal Passport, registrations must be received two weeks prior to the seminar date, if the seminar or product is Passport valid.

Member versus Non-Member Fees: You qualify for a Member Rate for CPA Alberta sponsored seminars if you are a Canadian CPA, Legacy CA, Legacy CMA or Legacy CGA.

Confirmation & Reminder Letters

For manual registrations, a confirmation email will be sent upon completion of the registration process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within five business days of submitting your registration form, please contact pdregistration@cpaalberta.ca.

Online registrants will not receive a confirmation email, and it is recommended that you print the screen information when you have completed the registration process. A reminder letter via email is sent two weeks prior to the seminar date to all registered participants.

Note: Confirmation and reminder letters are provided as a professional courtesy. All assessments apply whether or not you receive a confirmation or reminder letter.

Confirmation of Registration for CPD Reporting

A certificate or letter to confirm attendance at a professional development seminar will not be provided. Upon request only, CPA Alberta can provide a report that indicates which seminars you have registered for, for a specified time period. These requests may be made any time during the program, but will only be processed in January and April after the program is complete.

On-Site Procedures

  1. Attendance
  2. Only those individuals who have been sent reminder letters in their own name may attend. All registrants upon their arrival are required to sign in on the attendance sheet; please arrive early. Photo ID may be requested.

  3. Late Arrivals
  4. If you arrive late, you are required to complete, sign and hand in to the instructor the Late Arrival Certificate located on the registration table, or at the back of the classroom. This will ensure that you are listed as attending and therefore are eligible to claim verifiable CPD for the seminar (applicable to CPA Alberta members). Otherwise, you will be considered as a 'no show' and will be withdrawn from the seminar without credit or refund.

  5. Seminar Materials
  6. Due to printing requirements and seminar updates, materials cannot be distributed prior to the seminar date. Materials will be provided only to the registrant appearing on the class list. All seminar materials are a final sale. All seminars material is subject to copyright restrictions and is for use by the intended recipient only.

    If you are a registered participant and are unable to attend, you are eligible to obtain your seminar materials upon request. A shipping fee of $20.00 + GST per seminar will be charged. Please contact pdregistration@cpaalberta.ca for more details.

Cancellations, Changes, Substitutions & No-Shows

  1. Cancellation of Registration by Registrants
  2. Full refunds will be granted upon receipt of written notification of cancellation more than 10 business days before the seminar date.

    Cancellation of registrations received less than 10 business days, and more than five business days before the seminar, will be subject to a $50 + GST fee which must be paid prior to the transaction being completed. Refunds will not be granted if the request is received five business days or less before the seminar start date.

  3. Cancellation Seminars with Pre-Work Requirements
  4. For seminars with pre-work, cancellation must be received more than 10 business days in writing before the seminar start date. Cancellation requests received 10 business days or less, refunds will not be granted.

  5. Self-Study & Digital Media Sales
  6. All Self-Study & Digital Media sales are non-refundable.

  7. Seminar Change Requests
  8. Seminar changes occur when the same person transfers from one seminar to another (subject to availability and in compliance with the registration terms and conditions). Written Seminar Change Requests will be accepted not less than five business days before the first seminar. Seminar Change Requests received less than 10 business days, and more than five business days before the seminar, will be subject to a $50 + GST fee which must be paid prior to the transaction being completed. The Seminar Change Requests Form is available online. Seminar change requests will not be granted if the request is received five business days or less before the seminar start date.

  9. Participant Substitutions
  10. Participant Substitution occurs when one person substitutes for another person in the same seminar. Participant Substitution requests must be received in writing a minimum of three business days before the start of the seminar. Participant substitutions are not permitted when using Personal Passport tickets.

    Participant Substitutions without prior notice will ONLY be accepted on-site for participants using Corporate Passport tickets (as Personal Passport tickets are non-transferable). Corporate Passport Participant Substitutions will require the new participant to complete and sign the Participant Substitution form obtained from Member Education onsite staff. Failure to complete the Participant substitution form when attending in place of the original registrant will result in the original registrant receiving CPD credit for the seminar (applicable to CPA Alberta members).

  11. No-Shows
  12. 'No-Shows' are registrants who do not attend the seminar for which they are registered. No refund, credit, partial or full will be given to 'No-Shows', regardless of method of payment.

Seminar Locations and Dates

Seminar locations and dates are subject to change between the time the catalogue is published and the time of seminar delivery. It is important to check your reminder letter and our website for seminar details.

For the most up-to-date seminar information consult our website: www.cpaalberta.ca/Professional-Development.


Participants are advised to keep a copy of their initial registration form or online summary page regardless of the method of registration as their official receipt (GST# has been included for this purpose) since receipts are not automatically provided. Effective January 1, 2009, CPA Alberta has been certified by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada as an educational institution, thus tax receipts (valid for s.118.5 of the ITA) can be issued for seminar amounts over $100 that "provide students with sufficient skills to enable them to work in, or to improve their skills in a recognized occupation". Certification does not guarantee that the Canada Revenue Agency will automatically accept, for tuition tax credit purposes, receipts for all seminars or programs.

If you would like a receipt for income tax purposes, please contact us at pdregistration@cpaalberta.ca.

Cancellations of Seminars by CPA Alberta

CPA Alberta reserves the right to cancel seminars for any reason. Notice of cancellation for low enrollment will be given a minimum of five business days in advance of the seminar start date when possible. A full refund will be provided or a transfer to an available seminar. CPA Alberta's liability is limited to the seminar fees paid.

Please be advised in rare instances CPA Alberta is forced to cancel a seminar on short notice due to circumstances outside our control.

Best efforts to contact participants prior to the seminar start time are based on information provided (please provide a mobile phone number where requested as this is the best method of contacting individuals on short notice). CPA Alberta is not liable for any losses as a result of incorrect contact information. CPA Alberta's liability is limited to the seminar fees paid.

GST Exemptions

Please note that all our seminars are subject to GST. While we understand that some organizations are GST exempt, our seminar offerings are attended by the individual, not the organization, and are thus subject to GST regardless of employer or employment status. This is the position taken by the Canada Revenue Agency. For further information, please email pdregistration@cpaalberta.ca.

Privacy Statement

Please refer to the privacy statement on the CPA Alberta website.

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