As a member in good standing, you can provide guidance to aspiring CPAs to help them achieve the required competencies and develop the enabling competencies – ethical behaviour, decision-making, problem-solving, communication and leadership.

Your role as a CPA mentor does not require you to help CPA students/candidates with their education, examination preparation, or job search. Instead, you can expect to:

  • provide support and insight that can broaden their mindsets
  • give back and invest in the future of the profession
  • enhance your personal growth and professional development from mentoring
  • receive access to free CPD-eligible resources and tools

Mentor Aspiring CPAs

There are three ways to get involved in the CPA mentorship program:

  • Register to join the CPA mentoring pool
  • Participate in your organization’s pre-approved program (if applicable)
  • Accept a mentorship request from a future CPA

Process to Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

The below documents will provide you with additional helpful information about the Mentorship program and what you need to know as a Mentor:
Mentorship FAQs PERT User Guide for Mentors

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