Strategic Priorities

The CPA Alberta Board of Governors have endorsed a strategic plan that identifies five strategic priorities that are the focus of organization.

1. CPAA Culture

Develop and support a constructive and forward looking culture for CPA Alberta that embraces our operating principles.

2. Regulatory Excellence

Successfully maintain enabling legislation and regulatory oversight that protects the interests of Albertans and enhances the CPA brand in Alberta.

3. Education (Pre and Post Designation)

Successfully deliver CPA pre-certification education programs and conclude legacy education programs, including support to students requiring transition. Ensure the supply of required Continuing Professional Development and develop innovative programs that enhance the value of membership.

4. Member Relevance

Develop and deliver meaningful products, services and events that are sought after and valued by members and build membership engagement.

5. Operational Excellence

Ensure that the supporting organization has the necessary tools and resources of a first class professional organization.

Our Governance
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